US Visa

USA visas are brought under two categories- Immigrant Visa and Non-Immigrant Visa.

An Immigrant Visa grants you the authority for a permanent residence in the country. While others visiting the US to avail medical treatments, education, tourism, business, etc. should apply for a non-immigrant USA Visa or the permanent one. For this category, you should submit evidence and convince the consular officer that you will return to your home country post completion of the intended purpose.

Temporary Visa/Non-Immigrant Visa:

  • Tourist or business Visa
    • B1 for business associates
    • B2 for visitors, tourists, and those availing medical treatments
  • Work Visa
    • H1-B for Specialty occupation
    • H-2A for Seasonal agricultural workers
    • H2-B for skilled and unskilled workers
    • H-3 for trainees
    • H-4 for dependents
    • L-1 for intracompany transferees
    • L-2 for dependents
    • Type O Visa- offered to those with extraordinary ability in science, education, arts, business, athletics, etc.,
    • Type P Visa- offered to athletes, entertainer’s artist and essential support personnel who come to perform in the country
    • Type Q Visa- traveling to participate in an international cultural exchange program in the U.S
  • Student Visa
    • F-1 Visa – To study academic courses in US-approved schools and institutions
    • M-1 Visa- To pursue non-academic courses and vocational training courses
  • Investor Visas
    • E-1 Visa- Treaty Trader
    • E-2 Visa- Treaty Investor
  • Exchange Visitor Visas-J1, Q1

Immigrant/Permanent Visa:

  • Family-based Immigrant Visas [IR1, IR2, IR3, IR4, IR5, F1, F2, F3, F4]
  • Employer-Sponsored Immigrant Visas
    • EB1 – Priority workers
    • EB2 – Advanced Degrees
    • EB3- Professional and Skilled Workers
    • EB4 – Religious Workers and Special Immigrants
    • EB5 – Investors
    • DV1- Green card lottery