Visa for Dubai

There is no doubt that Dubai is synonymous with extravagance so visa for Dubai. Since its beginnings as a desert town, in 2019, Dubai was the leading international destination in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with 16.73 million visits. Whereas Indian tourists topped arrivals with nearly two million visiting Dubai. In the years since Dubai’s founding, it has emerged as one of the world’s most prestigious and popular tourist destinations, luring millions of visitors from all over the world to its shores to experience what makes Dubai a ‘must-see’. Dubai has been named the most popular travel destination for 2022 by TripAdvisor, where it has beaten global cities like London, Rome, and Paris to top the list. Dubai offers world-class infrastructure, great attractions, shopping, desert safaris, and more, so every traveller should visit this city. As one of the top cities in the world, this oasis in the Middle East draws an increasing number of tourists every year.

Dubai Visa Service for Indians

When planning a trip to Dubai, one of the most important things to remember is to gather all of the necessary travel documentation, such as your visa. Fortunately for you, the UAE Ministry of Interior launched an online visa service for Indian citizens in 2015 to facilitate the process of obtaining a Visa for Dubai or UAE, saving applicants time when applying for a UAE visa. So, apply tourist visa for Dubai, all you need to do is provide some personal information and documents, and you will have your UAE visa in no time.

What is Dubai Visa

Types of Dubai Visa

Due to incomplete and incorrect information on the internet, the various visa types that are applicable in the UAE have been a little unclear. However, if you conduct sufficient research, you will discover that the UAE government issues five different types of visas. The procedures for each of these visas differ slightly, but the main distinction is the purpose for which these visas are issued. Therefore, the type of UAE visa you choose will be determined solely by your purpose for visiting the country.

Five Types of Visa for Dubai you can apply for:

  1. Tourist Visa
  2. Transit Visa
  3. Work Visa
  4. Student Visa
  5. Business Visa

These types are further divided according to the different purposes of travel.

Dubai Tourist Visa

Tourist Visa is divided into 3 types

  • 14 Days Dubai Tourist Visa

This visa type is issued for tourism and can be only used for visit purposes. The validity of the visa is 58 days and one can stay for up to 14 days only. It is a single entry visa and cannot be extended. This Visa is used for travellers who are going for a short trip to Dubai.

  • 30 Days Dubai Tourist Visa

This is the most common type of Dubai visa, issued for the purpose of tourism. This visa is valid for 58 days and you can stay for up to 30 days only. This is a Single entry Visa and hence you can just enter Dubai once. It’s suitable for travellers who are going on a trip to Dubai only and not covering more than one country.

  • 90 Days Dubai Tourist Visa (Single & Multiple entry)

This is recommended for travellers planning for a long term stay in UAE for big holidays or looking to stay with their family or friends. The visa validity is 58 days from its issue date and the stay shouldn’t exceed 90 days from the date of entry. Travellers who have their relatives in the U.A.E. usually prefer this Visa Type. 

The Visa type can be applied for both Single and Multiple entries depending upon the purpose and duration of your trip. The 90 Days Multiple Entry Visa will make travel to UAE easier for travellers who need to make multiple stops for a long time either by air, land or sea and return to Dubai on the same visa rather than having to incur additional time and expense obtaining two or three or more separate Dubai visas.

Dubai Transit Visa - 96 Hours in Dubai

Transit passengers can avail of a 96-hour visa at UAE airports. This Dubai visa is ideal for travellers taking stopovers at UAE airports en route to their onward journey. The visa is only valid for 30 days and it gives access to stay in Dubai for 96 hours. In other words, a 96-hour transit visa is for a four-day stay with the first day of arrival (until midnight) being considered Day 1 with three more days left to stay. The exit has to be completed before midnight on the 4th day.

Dubai Work Visa

Many individuals go to Dubai for work, seminars, and meetings and getting a Dubai Work Visa can be an easy process. The only thing to keep in mind is to be aware of the official formalities. If you want to work, you can apply for a 60-day Work Visa, which will allow you to arrive and start working right away. During this time, you must apply for and obtain an employment and residency visa – usually issued for another two years – through your UAE employer.

Dubai Student Visa

Dubai Student Visa is provided to students who are planning to study in Dubai. Dubai has good career prospects with an amazing curriculum. Dubai Student Visa can be acquired by either citizen sponsoring one’s children or by participating in one of the UAE’s accredited universities/colleges. According to the current situation, student visas are given for one year and can be renewed upon proof of continuing a study from the relevant institution in Dubai.  Visa applications are processed by visa authorities, who are represented by the relevant General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs.

Dubai Business Visa

Dubai is one of the most famous and preferred countries for Indians especially if anyone wishes to do business in Dubai. What’s important is the concept of how it gets too much exposure as a city in the economic world. Dubai Business Visa can be a little hard to get, but with the app procedure, it can be the best investment for your business.

Documents Required for Dubai Visa

Documents Required for Tourist Visa
  • Scanned colour copy of the first and last page of your valid Passport
  • Scanned colour copy of your passport size photograph with white background
  • Visa fees

Dubai Visa Processing Time

For Indian passport holders, it will take 4-5 days for Dubai Visit Visa. Apart from Tourist Visa, any other visa may take up to a week to get the visa. 

Please note: 

Visa applications may take longer than normal working days to process, and this is entirely dependent on immigration authorities. We have no control over visa application approval/rejection or processing time. We may ask you for additional documents on case basis. 

How to Apply Visa for Dubai

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