Visa for United States

Indian visitors to the United States must obtain a visa before entering the country. The purpose of the visit primarily determines the type of visa required. The majority of visa applications are for non-immigrant visas, which are issued to enter the United States based on the purpose and eligibility of the visit and allow people to stay in the country for a limited time. These visas are classified according to the purpose of the visit, and it is critical for an Indian traveller to apply for the correct visa in order for it to be approved.

US Visa For Indian Tourists

Types of US Visa

The following are the most common types of US visas obtained from India:

  1. US Tourist Visa
  2. US Business Visa
  3. US Student Visa
  4. US Work Visa
  5. US Dependent Visa
  6. US Transit Visa
  • US  Tourist Visa

Tourist Visa is issued when a person is visiting the country for personal reasons such as vacation, visiting friends or family, etc.

  • US Business Visa

Travellers who visit the country for business meetings, conferences, or other business-related activities are issued a business permit. Despite the fact that the documentation and eligibility requirements for B1 and B2 visas differ, the visa is issued as a B1/B2 visa.

  • US Student Visa

This is only issued to students entering the country for educational purposes.

  • US Work Visa

Individuals who enter the country to perform various types of work are assigned to one of these categories. Any of these visas can be applied for depending on the type of work and the individual case.

  • US Dependent Visa

The Dependent visa or permit is issued to dependents such as a spouse or children of people with other US visas.

  • US Transit Visa

This is issued to individuals who are transiting through the United States.

Acceptability Criteria for US Visa

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  • The applicant must have a letter of acceptance from any university where they wish to study or a letter of confirmation from an employer if the visit is for work or business purposes.
  • Applicants must have return tickets to prove that they intend to leave the United States on the dates specified and to validate the length of stay.
  • To reduce the possibility of illegal immigration, applicants should prove strong ties to the resident country.
  • Dependents or spouses traveling with the applicants must apply for separate visas.

Documents Required to Apply for US Visa

  • A passport that is valid for at least 6 months from the date of travel
  • Two photos (50 mm * 50 mm) which must have 70% face coverage
  • DS-160 application form
  • Proof of Purpose of Visit
  • Proof of Financial Means

US Visa Processing Time

The processing time for a visa can take up to two weeks. The processing time for any US visa for Indian tourists is determined by the workload of the US Embassy where you apply. It will take longer if there are more applications.

How to Apply for US Visa?

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